Welcome to Base Camp!

Curiosity is the compass that leads us to our passions. Follow it and you won’t be disappointed.

It looks like your curiosity compass has led you straight to me and the Volcano Hopper Base Camp! Now that you’re here – grab a drink, kick back, and let me share my passion with you.

Who We Are
My name is Carol and there are two things that I am wildly passionate about: writing and volcanoes. I didn’t choose volcanology as a career path, but I am absolutely riveted every time I sees a spray of lava or an eruption column. Someone says “volcano” and my ears twitch. Any hint of volcanic shenanigans makes me deliriously happy. I spend hours checking the most recent observations from around the planet (and sometimes off of it).  I may be one of the few people who curls up into a big cozy chair with her two cats and reads volcanology textbooks in her spare time. For fun. Yeah, I’m weird like that.  (At least my partner in crime thinks so!)  But more than anything, I prefer to have my boots on the ground.

What We Do

A wise man once said, “If you love it enough, anything will talk with you.”* So I hop out to the volcanoes, hoping for a good chat. Maybe the volcanoes can feel the passion pulsing hot through my veins, or sense the intense love and longing coursing through me.  They don’t care that I lack an official PhD (though I’ve done enough studying to probably qualify!).  They just care that I crave them like most people crave oxygen, and for that, they give up their secrets and whisper their stories to me. I’m here to fuse my two passions, and bring my adventures and the volcanoes’ stories right back to you, wherever in the world you may be.

Why We Do It

By being here, my friend, you’ve shown me that you have a spark in you – a spark that is at least curious, if not passionate, about volcanoes.  I want to bring you along with me on my adventures and teach you about the volcanoes I visit, without requiring a textbook.  It’s so cool that we live in an era where we can openly share information with each other – and that’s what I desire to do!  I am so excited to show you new and exciting things!

Follow Me!

Will you share in my adventures and explorations with me? I’d love to bring you along!

Ways to follow me:

Curious how I got my start?  How I fell in love with volcanoes in the first place? Click here for the full scoop.

If you’re a bit rusty on your geology lessons, click here for some quick and easy refresher courses. While I don’t plan on getting so techy that your eyes glaze over, I do want you to feel up to snuff when I do go wandering off on a tangent.  You can find the lessons here:  Get Hopping: Volcanoes 101

Ready? Let’s go volcano hopping!

*George Washington Carver

**Disclaimer: Please use extreme caution when hiking on active volcanoes, near lava, or active eruption sites. Volcanoes are extremely unpredictable and the unexpected could be deadly. Please use safety precautions and bring the appropriate safety equipment if you venture out. Do not cross boundaries that have been established by the authorities, and if you are not sure or feel unsafe, DON’T DO IT.

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