Thursday Thoughts: There’s Gold in Them There Hills!

This week (before the snow moved in), I stopped by Colorado’s ThirtyNine Mile Volcanic Field to check out the amazing fall colors! As the miners used to say, “There’s gold in them there hills!” It was so impressive, I was just dying to share it with you! (But don’t worry Mount St. Helens fans – more adventures are still to come!)

Check out my video below to enjoy the fall colors with me and learn a little bit more about this volcanic field.

Also, check out some of the amazing volcanic features that are still standing in these photos:

An old volcanic plug still stands in the ThirtyNine Mile Volcanic Field. Photo Credit: Volcano Hopper
A stunning view of part of the ThirtyNine Mile Volcanic Field. Lava, volcanic plugs, and pyroclastic deposits can still be found here. Photo Credit: Volcano Hopper

Happy Hopping!

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