A Volcano’s Plea

Listen when I speak to you!
I wish to do you no harm.
Your bodies are small and fragile.
Pay attention when I sound the alarm.

I do not mind you exploring my slopes;
I even enjoy your laughs.
Humans are so fascinating
When they tread my lava paths.

A volcano must do as we are created for;
To follow our calling, you might say.
When the time comes for us to erupt, 
You must stay far away.

Spewing fountains of lava,
Rivers of glimmering gold and red.
Roiling clouds of pyroclasts,
And flinging ash above your head.

This how I express my passion,
Creating life and land,
Shaping the face of our planet
Makes my existance grand!

I never intend you humans harm
And I’ll warn you in advance.
But sometimes people forget
To listen when they have the chance.

You’ll see me growing restless
In advance of the big day.
The earth will shake, the ground will swell
When the eruption’s on it’s way.

Humans are clever creatures.
You track my every move.
But you often doubt the signs are true
And require further proof.

What better proof can a volcano give 
Than to explode before your eyes?
Listen to me before it happens
And you truly will be wise.

Once the fires in my heart grow
It’s already then too late.
If you haven’t listened to my warnings
You will suffer an uncertain fate.

Don’t be mistaken – 
When mishaps come to pass,
I grieve with the rest of you;
My tears hidden behind my ash.

Your loss is tangible, 
The pain runs hot and deep.
I never meant to cause it,
Or send anyone to eternal sleep.

I warned you for weeks ahead.
Heaven knows I tried!
But the signs went unheeded,
And so many needlessly died.

Listen to my signs
That warn you to back away.
I never wish to see you grieve
Or perish in such a way.

Dedicated to those lost in the Whakaari/White Island Eruption and all the souls who have perished due to volcanic hazards worldwide.

Copyright © 2019 Volcano Hopper. All rights reserved.
Artwork copyright © 2019 F.J. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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