Exploring Wheeler Geologic Area

Five of Us At Wheeler Geologic Area

Not very many visitors brave the 14-mile service road or 16-mile hike through the volcanic landscape. We not only love to explore volcanoes, but we love to discover the side of them that many people don’t get to see.

Mount St. Helens: Sweet Summit Success!

Monitor Ridge – Part 2 Three steps. Two.  One.  Suddenly, Mount St. Helens’ crater stretched wide open in front of me.  The rim of the crater curved around to the north like eagles’ wings.  An enormous lava dome that dwarfed everything around it sat perched in the heart of…

5 Ways to Prepare to Hike a Volcano

Volcano Hopper at Kilauea Summit

How is it midway through the summer already?! It seems like the snow only just melted here in the Rockies. With the summer comes hiking season – and volcano hopping! So get your boots laced and hiking poles out. Here is my list of 6 ways to prepare yourself to hike a volcano.

Capulin: The Boca Trail

VITAL STATS Name: Capulin  Type: Cinder Cone Eruption Status: Extinct Last Eruption: Approximately 60,000 years ago Location: 36.7811° N, 103.9695° W Northeastern New Mexico; Raton-Clayton Volcanic Field We coasted down the volcano road, enjoying our descent from Capulin’s summit.  The clouds had finally lifted and…

Have adventures, but don’t get injured!

Feeling your knee pop ranks on the list of Top 10 Terrifying Moments, right next to feeling the lava give way beneath your boots, or facing a starving tiger. In that split second after it pops, all sorts of frenzied things race through your…

Exploring Yellowstone

Sit back and close your eyes for a moment. What comes to your imagination when I say “Yellowstone?” Do you see a national park full of sweeping forests and gushing rivers? Vast herds of buffalo grazing on the sweet grasses and bears romping through…