Looking Back at Mount St. Helens’ 1980 Eruption

Memorial at Mount St. Helens

Out of all of Mount St. Helens’ eruptions, one event in particular has branded itself into our memories: the eruption on May 18, 1980.

La Garita: History’s Most Epic Eruption

Wheeler Geologic Area

The La Garita eruption approximately 27.8 million years ago is considered the most energetic eruption in the history of the planet.

Wild Whakaari

Whakaari volcano

With most of White Island’s cone underwater and a lake in its summit crater, there is a lot of opportunity for water to come in contact with hot gases and molten magma. When water and magma interact, the results can be explosive.

Mount Hood

Wy’east has a secret. He loves the sunrise. Before the sun even rose, I felt the stirring.  I lifted my head from the soft pillow and looked out the window.  Outside of our log cabin at the base of Mount Hood, the sky was turning purple behind…

Thursday Thoughts – Mount St. Helens: No Words

Sometimes there just are no words to describe the beauty of a place. There are not enough words in the English (or any) language to describe how it felt to be standing in front of Mount St. Helens, finally face to face with a…

Thursday Thoughts: Loowit Viewpoint

Happy Thursday my friends! Another week has blazed by in the blink of an eye! I wanted to backtrack a little today and go back to a video I took at Mount St. Helens’ Loowit Viewpoint. This view is facing north, with the volcano…

Mount St. Helens: The Boundary Trail

The landscape around Mount St. Helens is just packed with trails waiting to be explored.  I’m certain I just need to move up to Washington for six months so that I can get my boots on every single one!  My partners in crime and I had…

Mount St. Helens: Loowit Viewpoint and Johnston Ridge Observatory

After years of hoping, dreaming, and planning, the morning of August 4 found the four of us driving down the Spirit Lake Memorial Highway in search of mighty Mount St. Helens.  My three partners in crime and I had explored the river valleys and Forest…

Mount St. Helens: Spirit Lake Memorial Highway to Johnston Ridge Observatory

Visitor Center, Kid Valley & the Forest Learning Center Mount St. Helens and the Gifford Pinchot National Forest that surrounds her are packed with volcanic features to explore and amazing areas to hike.  With so many adventures to be had, where should we even begin? The…

Thursday Thoughts – A Hero on Mount St. Helens

Discussing Melanie Holmes’ new book “A Hero on Mount St. Helens” and the life and legacy of volcanologist Dr. David Johnston.