Haleakala On Horseback

On horses at the bottom of Haleakala's crater.

There is something inspiring about a sunrise. The golden rays herald in a new day full of hopes and adventures. No two sunrises are ever the same. Watching the golden sunrise over Haleakala’s expansive crater was a sight unlike any other. As the sun…

Exploring Wheeler Geologic Area

Five of Us At Wheeler Geologic Area

Not very many visitors brave the 14-mile service road or 16-mile hike through the volcanic landscape. We not only love to explore volcanoes, but we love to discover the side of them that many people don’t get to see.

La Garita: History’s Most Epic Eruption

Wheeler Geologic Area

The La Garita eruption approximately 27.8 million years ago is considered the most energetic eruption in the history of the planet.

Top 10 Volcanic Eruptions of 2019

Sinabung Eruption

2019 was a dynamic year in many aspects, and the volcanic world did not disappoint.  According to the Global Volcanism Program, “There were 73 confirmed eruptions at some point during 2019 from 70 different volcanoes; 30 of those were new eruptions that started during the…

Haystack Rock

The Pacific Ocean is absolutely magical.  One never knows what they’ll discover on its shores or in its rich blue depths.  There is something about the steady crash of the waves against the shore that relaxes and envigorates the soul.  Our Base Camp is nowhere near the…

Mount Hood

Wy’east has a secret. He loves the sunrise. Before the sun even rose, I felt the stirring.  I lifted my head from the soft pillow and looked out the window.  Outside of our log cabin at the base of Mount Hood, the sky was turning purple behind…

Mount St. Helens – A Trip Through Time

Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens. Say her name and it instantly draws to mind images of the cataclysmic eruption of 1980.  We all remember the news footage and heart-stopping images of the fiery blast.  Americans as far away as Florida had at least a dusting of ash on their…

7 Must-Haves for your Volcanic Adventure

This post is sponsored by Amazon, but all opinions are my own. So you’re ready to take the leap and are ready to go explore a volcano.  But what to bring?  Below are 7 must-haves for your volcanic adventure. If you’ve followed my 5 steps to…

5 Ways to Prepare to Hike a Volcano

Volcano Hopper at Kilauea Summit

How is it midway through the summer already?! It seems like the snow only just melted here in the Rockies. With the summer comes hiking season – and volcano hopping! So get your boots laced and hiking poles out. Here is my list of 6 ways to prepare yourself to hike a volcano.

An Interview with Kilauea Volcano

2018 marked the largest volcanic eruption Kilauea volcano has seen this century. Two lava lakes suddenly drained, explosions rocked the summit crater, earthquakes rattled Hawaii island, and a massive fissure eruption took place in Puna. Rivers of lava flooded the landscape and poured into the ocean in a 2 mile wide ocean entry. The fissure eruption finally ended in August, closing out a 35 year eruption on Kilauea volcano. On the one year anniversary of the fissure eruptions, I thought it would be interesting to sit down with Kilauea volcano herself and get her perspective on life as a volcano, the eruption, and what she has up her sleeve next.