Looking Back at Mount St. Helens’ 1980 Eruption

Memorial at Mount St. Helens

Out of all of Mount St. Helens’ eruptions, one event in particular has branded itself into our memories: the eruption on May 18, 1980.

Exploring Wheeler Geologic Area

Five of Us At Wheeler Geologic Area

Not very many visitors brave the 14-mile service road or 16-mile hike through the volcanic landscape. We not only love to explore volcanoes, but we love to discover the side of them that many people don’t get to see.

One “Tuff” Hike – The Trail to Wheeler Geologic Area

Volcano Hopper Team by a river

It was mind-blowing to know that this whole area had once exploded with a force never before seen by mankind. This whole wilderness – with all its trees and wildlife – masks an enormously powerful volcano. Though La Garita is considered extinct today, the ripples of what happened here can still be felt if you’re paying attention.

La Garita: History’s Most Epic Eruption

Wheeler Geologic Area

The La Garita eruption approximately 27.8 million years ago is considered the most energetic eruption in the history of the planet.

Wild Whakaari

Whakaari volcano

With most of White Island’s cone underwater and a lake in its summit crater, there is a lot of opportunity for water to come in contact with hot gases and molten magma. When water and magma interact, the results can be explosive.

Should Active Volcanoes Be Banned?

Keeping a safe distance from an active volcano

Every few years, there is a volcanic eruption that takes the lives of innocent bystanders.  The loss of human life is heartbreaking. While most volcanoes show us warning signs before they erupt, it is impossible to predict the exact date and time that an eruption will…

A Volcano’s Plea

Listen when I speak to you!I wish to do you no harm.Your bodies are small and fragile.Pay attention when I sound the alarm. I do not mind you exploring my slopes;I even enjoy your laughs.Humans are so fascinatingWhen they tread my lava paths. A…

Haystack Rock

The Pacific Ocean is absolutely magical.  One never knows what they’ll discover on its shores or in its rich blue depths.  There is something about the steady crash of the waves against the shore that relaxes and envigorates the soul.  Our Base Camp is nowhere near the…

Mount Hood

Wy’east has a secret. He loves the sunrise. Before the sun even rose, I felt the stirring.  I lifted my head from the soft pillow and looked out the window.  Outside of our log cabin at the base of Mount Hood, the sky was turning purple behind…

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